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Re: Looper Moving!

Title: RE: Looper Moving!
>> from what i can tell, sf has had its own problems
>> in terms of venues going down the tubes.
a lot of venues in san francisco (bay area)  are cutting back these days, some closing ... many due to noise restrictions and some due to the dot-com glut ... my guess is that less people are showing up at clubs all over town than a year ago and i am finding club owners are also cutting pay to bands as well
one thing i have to say about the san francisco scene is that it is very diverse ... in the post acid-jazz days of the 90's, about the only style really suffering is salsa ... the "jam" band scene is starting to finally die down, but it seems like the watered down, hyped-up, unclassifiable funk/jazz//latin/trip-hop/electronica/hip-hop groove bands will be around for a while ... there are some cool "live drum 'n bass" acts around town (some that do looping) and there are really good latin jazz and afro cuban projects as well
regardless, it's still a HUGE improvement to the time i spent in philadelphia from '93 - '97
>> i have had friends who moved up to sf tell me
>> that it is pretty clique-ish and hard to get with people.
i think anytime you join a "new" scene, it takes a while to network and get your name out there unless you know people ... in my case, moving from greater nyc area to san francisco, it took me about a year to get some things off the ground and get a roster of good musicians involved with my projects that i enjoy working with
and yes, there are some cliques of very talented musicians in the sf scene that work together in various projects ... most of these projects have been together for years, so it's hard to break into them even as a fill-in player
>> i think l.a. can be hard, but most of the people
>> i know seem to be open to other/new folks.
i was speaking to a guitar player that moved here from l.a. ... he felt it was easier to get established in the bay area and much easier to get gigs, even with the recent slowdown