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Re: Jamman for sale

oh my-a eh16secdelay-my mouth waters w/ those words!!! i use mine everyday
and its the most amazing box i will ever own!!(and its a looper) so-whereja
git it and waddaya think other than yer statement...
i've had mine since they came out and have used it interrmitently(god that
dont look right-spelling anyone?). but it is now a permanent part of my
your mileage *willnot* vary!!


> Hello fellow loopheads,
> If anyone is interested, I have a Lexicon JamMan for sale. It has the 32
> second upgrade, with 1 footswitch and a photocopy of the manual. It is in
> mint condition.  The only reason I am selling it is because I found an EH
> 16-second delay about a year ago, so I haven't touched the JamMan since. 
> am asking $450 US. Thanks.