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Re: EH 16 second delay

hi mark-
easy now cowboy :-) 1st question on this thread was "where can i get one?"
and i was being honest replying 'good luck'.they are rarely seen or seen
working,thats all.
i have the units you mention and they just dont touch the eh 16secddl's
quirkiness and stuff.

and DT
-i am the west coast representative(figuretively)for pcm 42s(my live looper
of choice!)-got 3 of them and according to bob sellon i think he said that
back when he was modding the 42s he got requests from some to add faders to
emulate the eh16-so i'm not sure which came first-but yer definitely right
about bandwidth and similarity of operation-vco's etc.
jus a little clarity from by weakened grey matter.

> Well, I was just suggesting easy to obtain devices with long delay
> times.  I know the EH16 is long gone, and not easy to come across.  It's
> been many years since I had a chance to play with an EH16, but what's
> the sense writing back, "Good luck finding one!"  At least the devices I
> mentioned are available, and do some pretty cool stuff.
> Mark Sottilaro
> On Wednesday, July 31, 2002, at 01:25  AM, Stan Card wrote:
>> heh heh heh-nice try mark...*nothing* i repeat(er)*nothing* remotely
>> relates
>> to the <EH16secdelay>soundwise-operation wise,whatever wise. it is a
>> one of
>> a kind animal.they are impossible to find. i love mine more and more
>> everyday-i am so sorry that at 'y2k2' while i planned on an excursion
>> using
>> that box i never got to it for whatever reason...;o(
>> s
>>> Where does one start?  My guess is that for bang for the buck, (250US)
>>> the Line6 DL4 (delay modeler) will do the trick, plus a really nice
>>> looping section.
>>> Gone, but perhaps still available, the Electrix Repeater.  (499US) No
>>> delay mode, just pure looping with pitch and time shifting.  CFC memory
>>> will get you a lot of loop time, but each loop has an 8 minute max.
>>> Memory is non volatile.  Can be transfered easily to your computer with
>>> a USB CFC reader.  Loops can be stereo or four tracked.  Company just
>>> folded, but the parent company (IVL) is having another of it's
>>> subsidiaries (TC-Halion) do warrantee service.
>>> Then there's the Gibson Echoplex Digital Pro.  198 sec of loop or mono
>>> delay madness.  It slices, it dices.  Up to 9 loops at a time.  I just
>>> bought one and I can barely imagine all the functions of this bad boy.
>>> Stay on this list for a while, and you'll hear a whole lot about this
>>> one.
>>> You're best bet it to go to the Looper's Delight page and click on
>>> "Tools"  There's a ton of info to get you started.
>>> Mark Sottilaro
>>> On Tuesday, July 30, 2002, at 08:04  PM, dana shearin wrote:
>>>> Does anyone know where i can get one, or something that does the same
>>>> thing?