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Re: EH 16 second delay

At 10:38 AM -0700 7/31/02, Bob Campbell wrote:
>The EH-16 has a function which modulates the playback rate. A loop would
>accelerate then slow down.

Do you mean that an LFO would modulate the clock rate? Like on a PCM-42?

I can do that sort of thing on my Eventides, but of course that's a 
vastly different price category.

>I think you'd be crazy to buy one now if you wanted a dependable and 
>serviceable device.

It may take a little programming and an external MIDI controller, but 
I believe that whatever functions the E-H had can probably be 
replicated with one of the newer higher-end devices. The advantages 
would be greater reliability, optionally better sound quality, and 
even more freaky effects.

If someone will catalog the E-H's features I'll see if I can reproduced 

Richard Zvonar, PhD
(818) 788-2202