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Re: EH 16 second delay

Spoken by a true master of the EH16.  Mr. Helm can do amazing this with
this box and any noise source.  I was there.
--- Loopbozo@aol.com wrote:
> > Actually the footpedal was a pain in the ass and added rather
> unambient 
> clunks to your loop, even if you were careful. Which is not to say
> that after 
> 15 years of service I was not sorry to see it become someone elses
> box (an 
> associate of Nels Cline).After tape loops it opened up a world of
> sonic 
> manipulation that I enjoy listening to some of the results of to this
> day.The 
> half speed backwards function possible in the EDP LoopIV upgrade is a
> nod in 
> the direction of this box and it's lore.
>                                                               b.helm

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