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Re: The Legendary Electro-Harmonix 16 Second Delay

OK, what I should have said, was that some of us decided that the EH16 was 
unique box, but David Torn and Weg don't think this at all.

I still remember being attacked when I suggested a few currently produced
loopers that might take the place for a person who was trying to find a
EH16, but could not.


I will say, "Several people attacked me when I suggested that other looping
devices may be substituted for the EH16 if one could not be found" and 
people felt that there was nothing that came close to the EH16.  I can't
remember who the attackers were, but THEY believe that nothing comes close.

I frankly don't give a shit.

Mark Sottilaro

on 8/14/02 8:19 AM, The Weg at theweg@hotmail.com wrote:

> me either!
> weg
> sine@zerocrossing.net writes:
>> A little while ago we decided that nothing came
>> close to this little box.
> don't include 'me' in that 'we', please!
> best,
> dt / splattercell