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Re: The Legendary Electro-Harmonix 16 Second Delay

> dt / splattercell replied to marlar:
> >OK, what I should have said, was that some of us decided that the EH16
> >was a
> >unique box, but David Torn and Weg don't think this at all.
> i wasn't being snide; i just didn't agree w/the 'we' of it.
> i wanted to be clear, is all.
> **Still not clear; do you not think the EH16 has unique qualities that 
> it apart from the other (available) digital looping delays?
> Seems like the interface is unique--and the sound is probably way
> than other digitals.
> I don't really know; I am just curious as to the specifics of why dt does
> want to be "we" on this one.

I think what the EH16 did more than anything else was raise the level of
awareness for looping devices amongst those of us who were reading about it
at the time; more importantly, the EH16 cost a bit less than any other 
device of its kind at the time.  As a result the rather massive competition
began to eventually produce units with more than 1200ms, for less than 
which I recall was the price for the EH16.

I wonder though, how many of us on this list were slavering for an EH16 
they came out, and continued to want for it in the same manner one lusts 
the Girl/Guy Not Dated/etc. in High School: from afar, with a good deal of
romantic (and often non-realistic) notions about What Life Would Be Like If
We Had One.  I also wonder whether it could be said that units like the 
themselves spark ideas/techniques for looping that we take almost for
granted today.

Would I love having a chance to play with one?  You bet your ass.  Would I
be willing to use it as a permanent part of my setup?  Not if I couldn't 
rid of the noise produced by the thing.  On this level the EH16 goes to the
mental pit along with the equipment I learned on but would never use today,
since I know better.

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