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Re: EDP Noise level

Another thing I've noticed is that if you feed a noisy signal into a 
looper, the
noise will build up as you add more layers to your loop. So starting with a
signal that's as clean as possible is important.


--- Bret <echoplex@yahoo.com> wrote:
> I haven't seen a response to this hiss question.  
> I have recorded many of the popular looping devices, EH16, Jamman,
> Repeater, EDP, DL4.  They all have hiss.  With each of these it is
> important to have the maximum input level possible that is just below
> clip/overload/distortion.  This will insure the noise floor is well
> below the signal level.  Try increasing the input level to the edp
> until you hear distortion in the loop, then back the level down 'just a
> hair' until the distortion goes away.
> bret
> --- Looptalk@aol.com wrote:
> > Here's my question. Why when I press record on my plex the recorded
> > loop 
> > contains a high level of hiss..even if it's not connected to any
> > input 
> > source...I run my looper through a AUX on my Mackie.. I've tried
> > every 
> > combination of input/output levels - and still get this hiss
> > ---anyone else. 
> > As I layer more loops to the first the Hiss goes away  (or is covered
> > up)
> > 
> > What happen to the Repeater?
> > 
> > todd
> > 
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