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Re: DL4 question

well, one of the most disappointing things about the dl4 is the
way it handles delay time changes with audio throughput. if
you're looking for the effect of echoes speeding up and slowing
down forget it. after a few emails to line 6 about this i found out
that the modeler pro rack unit supposedly has a glide switch
which fixes this limitation. i haven't heard how well it works,
anyone out there care to comment? that being said i have to
say that i  am otherwise extremely pleased with my dl4, and the
combination of it with my fernandez sustainer guitar is amazing.
who needs a big muff!

On Monday, January 13, 2003, at 08:18 PM, Mark Hamburg wrote:

> The EH16 discussion got me thinking.
> Not really a looping question vis--vis the DL4, but this list has an 
> awful
> lot of DL4 users. If I'm using it as an echo rather than a looper, can 
> I use
> the expression pedal to change the delay time and if so how well does 
> it
> respond to such changes? Does it give a nice analogue pitch slur or 
> does it
> sputter and cough and otherwise engage in digital hiccups? Or do they 
> just
> punt on the issue entirely and tie delay time only to the tap switch?
> Mark