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Re: The First Ever Palo Alto Looping Music Festival: ThursdayJan. 23rd (California, USA)

> > KZSU 90.1fm  (Stanford, California)
> wow jon -just got done listening to the show & whhheeeewwwwwwwwwww
> so cool to hear some great looping stuff on the radio(over the net)

I was thrilled to spend about an hour on the radio cueing up looping tracks
and talking about looping and the show.  I guess it was fate, because when 
called the station to see if they wanted to list the show in their datebook
a few weeks back, a DJ answered who happened to be a looper!  Boomerang and
EH16sec user both!  He was so excited to hear about the show and really
wanted to have me on.  So somehow its a small world, and things just work