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EH 16 sec delay on Harmony-central.com

Title: EH 16 sec delay on Harmony-central.com
saw this listing on h-c:
$1650! ouch! the barbara kruger (artist) motto should be changed to:
"when i hear out of production looping tools, i get out my

Electro Harmonix 16 second Digital Delay
Asking Price: US$1650
Condition: Excellent
Production Year: 1970

Very Rare Find - Electro Harmonix 16 Second Digital Delay .
These a very hard to find in Any Condition & working . lay
down multiple tracks and hold them in memory with the
infinate Hold/Repeat function..Also, by using different
sound effects, you can lay down tracks with flanger, then
Bass Micro, then chorus, etc., The unique Reverse Function
lets you reverse already recorded lines. mix forward and
backward tracks together.lets you record lines that are
twice as fast (or twice as slow) with normal speed lines.
foot-controlled floor unit for true "hands-off" also has
ECHO, digital CHORUSING, digital FLANGING, double tracking
and status indicator LED's overdub yourself live using the
freeze function that takes whatever is in the "circuits" at
the time and stores it. Then it plays it back right away
Specifications... Delay Time: 8ms to 16 seconds Frequency
Response: @2 sec.: 30Hz to 13.5kHz @4 sec.: 30Hz to 6.7kHz
@8 sec.: 30Hz to 3.3kHz @16sec.: 30Hz to 1.7kHz Distortion:
THD varies with input frequency level, and delay setting;
typically less than .2% S/N Ratio: 80db Maximum Input: 2V
peak to peak @ 1kHz Please Email for more & Better Pic .
Buyer will Pay for Ins. & Shipping . M.O., Certified checks
email: eh16secdd@aol.

Seller: T. O.,
E-mail: eh16secdd at aol.com
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Post Date: 1/21/2003