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Gig Spam [Seattle]: Tiktok @ Contour, Wednesday July 2

I'll be playing a set or two at Contour (807 First Ave.) this 
Wednesday, July 2nd, starting around 10PM, as part of the UAC's series 
of Evolution performances (http://www.unitedartistsnetwork.com/).

There may also be some musical collaboration with a DJ and/or some 
other instrumentalists.  Or, not.

There will be four painters in the performance area, working on 
large-scale canvases which will be initiated at the start of the 
evening and finished by closing time, so I'll feel no pressure to be 
artificially visually demonstrative while I play guitar, twiddle knobs 
or try to remember if the reverb comes before the harmonizer or after 
the auto-wah in whatever patch.

Be seeing you,

Travis Hartnett