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RE: EH 16 reissue

Title: RE: EH 16 reissue

>>frankly, asking a price like that is obscene, its rarity not withstanding.
But paying almost 2,200 Euros for such a thing is ridiculous... nice as it
may be, IŽd get me, say, four more Repeaters with huge cards for that amount
of cash and do similarly weird things with them, honestly.<<

agreed. I think I could make my old powertran mcs1 do much the same thing, and it too has a click output that doesn't get recorded.... and the repeater makes a decent delay line if you turn the feedback (overdub level) down and use it with a mixer, so the fripp impressions- if that's how you get y'r kicks- are easy to do. and the sellon-ed jamman would be good at this too, being able to switch between echo and loop modes on the fly.

rather than EH just re-issue this thing, which will be difficult as the original chipset is obsolete, I'd rather they came up with a modern version.....

has anyone else used the korg electribe units? they have a pretty basic stereo delay effect built in that syncs to internal or external midi clock in such a way that you can still alter the delay time on the fly. it just changes the divide ratio to maintain syncopation, and it's not terribly elegant but somehow that doesn't matter. I'd like to see a fully featured version of this in a pedal on it's own, w/ freeze and reverse functions. the DL4 is so nearly there.... this weekend, I will have a poke around in my DL4 and see if I can't get a tap-tempo into it that's derived from midi clock. I'm sure it's do-able.



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