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Re: cassette looping, maneco looper

thanks for the interest Scott!  I'm getting started on it.  I'd love to 
get other people interested in cassette looping using the unglamourous 
4track.  Hell, you get a multi-track, stereo looper, with (often) 
multiple effects loops, up to 20 minutes looping time on dirt-cheap 
removable media, with pitch-shifting (often) double/half speed 
capabilities, individual pan and eq controls on each channel, plus a 
built-in mixing section that can accept as many as 8 other inputs.   and 
it's analog!  and full of glitchability!

on other topics...Maneco, the MP3's sound really good.  thanks for 
posting.  Now, I'd love to hear someone really play the shit out of it!  
Part of the strength of the EH16 is the tweakability, the ability to 
mess with the 'fabric of time'...I passed on the Line 6 looper because 
it didn't seem so capable of getting insane, unpredictable results.  The 
technical specs of loop time, reverse, etc. aside, what are the unique 
capabilities of your box?  What happens once you start button-mashing 
and whipping pots around?   For me at least, these are selling points. 

Daryl Shawn