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Re: MOTU 828MkII as a Poor Man's Switchblade?

The 828mkII has four busses.  You can route the four busses independently 
any of the outputs on the back of the thing: ten balanced 1/4" analog outs
and digital out.  For each bus you can set the levels of each of the input
channels: eight balanced 1/4" analog ins, two pre-amped ins on the front,
and digital in (?).

All four busses can be active at the same time, or muted individually.
Although the muting process involves a knob twiddle and push.

So, you could set up two different busses to say, outputs 3-4 where your
looper is attached, and have certain input channels muted for different
busses.  So, Mix 2 sends all inputs to outputs 3-4; where Mix 3 sends only
analog inputs 1-2 and 5-6 to outputs 3-4 and everything else is muted.  Mix
1 is pointed at outputs 1-2 which is sending everything to the house PA or
DAW, so the "audience" hears everything all the time even if your looper
only hears what you're sending it on Mix (bus) 3, or 4.

You could toggle between these mixes by muting them on the faceplate of the
828mkII.  There's no MIDI implementation for manipulating mix presets at 
yet, unfortunately.  Although it seems like something that wouldn't be that
hard for them to add in as a software update.  Buy one and bug MOTU.

Good luck.


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Subject: MOTU 828MkII as a Poor Man's Switchblade?

I have a a couple of synths plus a viola that I would
like to run through audio looper pedals.  Right now
the only looper pedal I have is my DL4.  I have an
EH16 Reissue on preorder, which would add a 2nd

Here's the thing - I'd like to be able to loop my 2
synths and viola through these 2 pedals, plus a Nord
Micromodular which I will be using primarily for audio
processing.  Sometimes I want to have one synth
running on a sequencer and not loop the audio and loop
the viola.   Sometimes I want to not loop the viola
and loop the synth.  Sometimes I want to loop all of
them at once.

The Switchblade looks like a nice solution except
there's no Mac editor and besides looks like it might
be overkill.  Does the MOTU 828MkII have the
functionality I'm looking for?


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