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Re: [LOOP] Re: EH 16sec delay reissue update

On Thu, 22 Apr 2004, Daryl wrote:

> w-w-wait, four minutes of delay in the re-issue?  You know this for a 

Yeah, something around four minutes worth. 

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> fully agreed on your sentiments though..
> Daryl Shawn
> highhorse@mhorse.com
> > it seems as though the corporations which make the devices we use are 
> > either cruel or stupid. EH has decided in it's infinite wisdom to 
> > limit the EH240 (240 seconds of delay) to 1000 pcs, even though it's 
> > already almost half-way sold out before it's own release. Gibson has 
> > decided to stiff itself for the production of the Blackface EDP, 
> > despite the fact that every one of them has been sold or spoken for. 
> > Electrix shot itself in the foot by listening to it's marketing 
> > department too much. Line6's loopers are definitely useable yet 
> > crippled. Funny enough Roland seem to make the coolest looper 
> > currently purchaseable, for reasons which i do not completely 
> > understand; i believe the DD-20 was an "happy accident".
> >
> > I am looking forward to Matthias finishing his work for the Chameleon 
> > and selling it to us.
> > ---
> > Eric Williamson
> > www.suitandtieguy.com