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Re: [LOOP] Re: 16 Second Delay Reissue info

> In a message dated 4/22/2004 8:43:31 PM Central Standard Time, 
> paulrichard10@knology.net writes:
> Hey:
> Does this thing come with the footpedal I've seen on LD's Tools of the 
> link?

I'd heard somewhere that the reissue was going to have an optional foot 
controller, so when I was pre-ordering the EH 16sec reissue through my 
local music store Wednesday afternoon I asked my friend how much the 
foot controller would run. He was still on the phone with the guy at EH 
and asked, and was told yes, there's a foot controller for the reissue, 
but it's in prototype at this point in time - the EH guy said "wires 
sticking out the back", no idea when, no idea how much. But I believe 
it'll be available sometime soon. 

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