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Re: EH 16sec delay reissue update

There's the other option: uncaring/unaware.  Looping isn't much of a 
priority for gear manufacturers, usually viewed as "icing", not "cake". 
  Line6 doesn't make a looper--they make two delay modelers which give 
you fifteen replications of old delay pedals, and then threw in a 
Boomerang knock-off with 11/22 seconds.  I think that pedal would have 
still been a success with just the delay models.

As for Gibson, they spend more on pickup selector switches than EDP 
production, so it's easy for it to fall between the cracks.  If Gibson 
was making reissues of actual tape-delay Echoplexes, maybe there'd be a 
big push, but as it is their flagship product is guitars made to look 
like they've been played for fifty years.  The EDP doesn't really "fit" 
into their marketing.

As for EH, unless there's some component that they've got a limited 
supply of, I'm sure they'll make more than 1000 EH-16's.  Maybe the 
second thousand aren't signed and numbered or something.  Personally, 
the addition of MIDI worries me, because it means they've tried to 
"improve" the design.  People loved the old one, except for reliability 
issues.  Once you open the design spec, you run a severe risk of 
neither-fish-nor-fowl.  There's rumors of no footswitch, and it's 
already been years since they first started talking about reissuing it. 
  Electrix had full page ads in magazines for what--six months?  A year? 
before the Repeater finally dribbled out, trailing the guts of the 
company behind it.  The lack of any spec from EH doesn't sound 
encouraging to me.  Like, maybe it's not done yet.


On Apr 22, 2004, at 5:21 PM, 
Loopers-Delight-d-request@loopers-delight.com wrote:

> well, i've said it once and i'll say it again.
> it seems as though the corporations which make the devices we use are 
> either cruel or stupid. EH has decided in it's infinite wisdom to 
> limit the EH240 (240 seconds of delay) to 1000 pcs, even though it's 
> already almost half-way sold out before it's own release. Gibson has 
> decided to stiff itself for the production of the Blackface EDP, 
> despite the fact that every one of them has been sold or spoken for. 
> Electrix shot itself in the foot by listening to it's marketing 
> department too much. Line6's loopers are definitely useable yet 
> crippled. Funny enough Roland seem to make the coolest looper 
> currently purchaseable, for reasons which i do not completely 
> understand; i believe the DD-20 was an "happy accident".
> I am looking forward to Matthias finishing his work for the Chameleon 
> and selling it to us.
> ---