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Re: Asynchronous looping setups

On Jun 27, 2004, at 1:36 PM, Mark Sottilaro wrote:
> asynchronous looping using an amp modeler, Boss Giga Delay and the 
> EH16.  I'd be really interested in hearing how others deal with a 
> setup like that.  Would you run both units mono?  How

what about a small mixer?


if the Jigga Delay had a real mix control i'd say gtr->mixer->auxes 
into loopers set all wet->mixer->amp

that would alleviate the problems of having to switch destination AND 
punch in to the loop, letting you merely punch into the loop.

i am strongly considering a pair of Jigga Delays multed out of a single 
output, mixed into either side of a balanced connection to phase-cancel 
the dry signal. but that would only work with two identical devices, 
not a Jigga Delay and a 16 Second Delay. oh well.

however, the logistics problems with where to mount the DD-20s, and my 
desire to spin the looping rig off into a smaller rack for organ gigs 
will probably keep me from committing to a dual Jigga Delay purchase.
Eric Williamson