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Re: Electro-harmonix 16 second Delay reissue first impressions

On Jun 29, 2004, at 1:52 AM, Mark Sottilaro wrote:
> OK, I had to cut my experiments short due to a Monday dinner party, 
> but I'll fool more with it tomorrow.  At one point, I had totally 
> independent asynchronous loops going from my Repeater, the EH-16 and 
> the Gigadelay  (Suite and Tie guy, is the Jiggadelay the Irish version 
> of that device?) and it was swirly crazy madness.  FUN.

to quote Jay-Z and Dr Emmett Lloyd Brown, sequentially:

"Jigga what!?! Jigga who!?!
Switch'ya flow .. get'cha dough ...
can't f*** wit dis roc-a-fella shit doe ..."


no, i'm afraid the Jigga Delay is for soul musicians who play Hammond 
organ aided with electronic devices (such as loopers, Eventides, and 
skip sequenced analogue synths) and have a radio controlled Back To The 
Future-style DeLorean sitting on top their CD shelf. pardon me for the 
bastardisation of the name. my interest in the Roland pedal is seated 
primarily in the dual-engine aspect of its design, and secondarily in 
its name. there is a tertiary interest in having a 24-bit delay with +4 
connections. btw, you might have noticed that the "tone" control is 
really a high shelving filter, and flat response of the delay is to be 
found with it turned ALL THE WAY UP, not in the middle where the detent 

and yes, i do have 3 Cheiftains CDs, 3 Enya CDs, 2 Loreena McKennitt 
CDs, one Drover's disc and one Pentangle disc sitting in the 
aforementioned CD shelf. however, my embracement of celtic music does 
not extend beyond my love of binarily depressing or happy modal music 
and the hint of knotwork in the ampersand of the logo painted on the 
front of my organ.

i'm glad you like the interplay between your 3 loopers. makes me wish i 
was at 1015 Folsum to hear it all. in the meantime, i'm trying to 
figure out how to wire a TB-303 into my Hammond ...
Eric Williamson