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Re: EH 16 second manual online...

> I stand corrected!  the original eh16sec delay didn't use an analog 
> brigade delay at all.  Sorry all for the confusion.  Anyway, neither the
> original nor the reissue uses an analog delay, that's the bottom line.  
> info below if you're interested:
> http://www.stecrecords.com/gear/eh16/

My curiousity was more if the new delay had the analog "section" which
wasn't he delay part but a sort of lofi "preamp". A few months ago when I
asked on Analog heaven what the main attraction of the 16 second delay was
the majority of answers said "it's the characteristic lofi *sound*" or
"it's the unique gritty processed delay".

The original had a separate board with had a number of now outdated chips
so there was a lot ot speculation as to how this woudl be duplicated. it
appears it wasn't even tried and the new machine *may* have a completely
different *sound* to the old. 
> > The new Eh16 looks like a completely different machine than the old 
> 1983...

Yes, which makes me wonder when places like bananas at large write: 

"Is this a total recreation of the Electro-Harmonix 16-second delay
pedal? Yes, with a few minor functional improvements that don't change the
sound at all, but make it easier to control."

Or Musictoyz mentions a feature of:

"Analog Input Gain control with Signal and Clip LEDs" 

I wrote EH twice regarding this asking point blank if there was a real or
simulated "analog section" which sought to duplicate the classic original
sound. All I got back was "They're shipping now so reserve yours today!!!"

IMO it doesn't make that big a deal either way. I still ordered one (what,
after 20 years I'm not going to try it? -lol!) Still a clear answer woudl
be nice. It seems the pedal has enough goign for it that no one needs ot
make grandiose claims like "It sounds exactly like the original" when it
clearly wasn't designed to. 

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