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Musictoyz.com (was Re: Electro-harmonix 16 second Delay reissue first impressions)

Funny, when I asked about that exact thing here not a single person 

When you lob an insinuation like that out there, it might be good to 
give a real world "for instance."  Where you ever ripped off by them?  
Who was that you know and how?

I didn't find anything substantial doing a google search about them 
being a bad retailer.  In fact, I found one that just seemed mad they 
didn't get a shipping confirmation and I actually found a bunch of 
people who said they had good experience.  They sent me order 
confirmations, answered an email and sent the item out quickly.  From 
my experience I'd order from them again in a heart beat.  I think their 
site is nice and informative and service was as good as any I've had.

Maybe Ron's your best friend and fixes guitar pedals while he walks on 
water.  I'm probably silly for not ordering from him, but I honestly 
didn't think I was going to get an EH16 when he posted.



On Jun 30, 2004, at 7:43 AM, Shane Whitbread wrote:

> Musictoyz is actually a sketchy as hell company.  In the end many 
> people
> have been ripped off by them....
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> From: "Mark Sottilaro" <sine@zerocrossing.net>
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> Sent: Tuesday, June 29, 2004 10:48 AM
> Subject: Re: Electro-harmonix 16 second Delay reissue first impressions
>> Yeah I did.  I didn't act when the Ron guy asked for the $100 deposit.
>> That sounded weird.  Take my credit card and charge it when the unit
>> ships.  The Ron guy struck me as maybe a bit sketchy where Musictoyz
>> seemed like an established business.  It set me back more money, but I
>> already have it and I'm sure a piece of gear like this will appreciate
>> in value as time goes by.  Musictoyz was really, really nice to deal
>> with, they seem like a small but honest business.  I can't really say
>> anything bad about Ron, but the whole deposit thing made my
>> spider-sense  tingle.
>> Take care,
>> Mark
>> On Jun 29, 2004, at 7:29 AM, Paolo Valladolid wrote:
>>> --- Mark Sottilaro <sine@zerocrossing.net> wrote:
>>>> So the thing they said would never exist, does
>>>> indeed exist.  Now, I
>>>> never owned or even used the original, but I'll give
>>>> my first
>>>> impression of this little box.
>>> Mark, did you get your EH16 from Music Toyz?  Just
>>> curious.
>>> Paolo
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