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RE: Stereo-zation

They're blowing those Alesis FAZE's out at about 1/4 MSRP.  But it's really
a phase shifter; it would probably be disappointing if you need chorus.
>From long-ago experience, the Alesis Microverb was always decent products
for the money, good quality, quiet.  The Nonoverb is probably similar
quality.  The Line 6 MM-4 is a plush pedal with lots of sounds and
expression pedal controllable.  The Alesis GuitarFX is along the same lines
(including expression pedal input), but a lot less expensive.  I'm going by
the specs on those two, but I've never side-by-sided them.

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Subject: Stereo-zation

Yup, sorry Stanitarium!  I DO LOVE THE STEREO CHORUS SOUND!

After playing with the EH-16 a bunch yesterday, I realized that as well
as being a cool mono looper for playing live, it also sits nicely in my
studio for extra looping fun.  At one point I had asynchronous loops
going on the EH-16, Gigadelay (Not true about the tone control, it's
neutral when at 12:00) and lastly the 8 sec looper on board the Vox
Tonelab SE.  I could have had my Repeater going as well, but I didn't
want to get greedy!

So my question is this:  The EH-16 doesn't have the lo-fi "feature" of
it's father, but I do notice the monoization of my lush stereo chorused
sounds.  Again, not a big deal when playing live but in the studio I'm
thinking I'd like to be able to post process the output of the EH16.
I'd like it to be small and cheap, if possible.  I'm thinking of one of
those cheap little Alesis effects that do stereo modulation.  (the
Alesis FAZE)  Anyone try one of these?

Should I hold out for something like a nanoverb?  Is the Line6 MM-4
worth it?  Basically I want mono in, stereo out.  Nothing too fancy.