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Re: more EH16 first impressions

--- legion@helpwantedproductions.com wrote:

> I wrote this a few weeks ago for the AH mailing
> list. Thought I'd send
> it to LD as well. My conclusions are a bit different
> than what I've read
> from others recently. For example, I can't stand the
> %##@ "set time"
> loop thing. For that reason alone the EH16 is now
> sitting in it's box
> and I'm still using the DL4 live. To each there own
> certainly.

Good point about the metronome click being virtually
inaudible, even with the slider for it set all the way
up.  I wish there was a headphone out with the click. 

In our band, I loop other people's instruments rather
than my own, so I have the luxury of being able to
monitor LED blinks.  I will probably keep the bar
setting at 2 or less because when to record an overdub
and for how long are issues I deal with in the group
improv context.  Longer bar settings would compound
the problem.


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