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Re: EH 16 Second Delay question

Based on your post, the EH16 can be used in active or
passive looper mode.  If you turn the Feedback slider
all the way up, it will continously loop everything it
has recorded, up to its internal memory limit (around
4 min.), while also overdubbing anything you play into
it or what it "hears" coming from itself (feedback). 
For example, I can use the Fine slider to pitch shift
the loop down for a pseudo-Whammy effect and it will
overdub the pseudo-Whammy effect.

It can also only overdub when you want it to.  I am
still learning how to get it to overdub until I hit
the Record button again to stop overdubbing as opposed
to letting it automatically overdub a set number of
bars then automatically stopping overdubbing, as
determined by the Coarse slider.

The EH16, like any device, has its idiosyncracies. It
doesn't always behave as I expect it too. I can't tell
at this stage whether its because of my lack of
sufficient familiarty with the device or a bug of some


--- wavecomputer360 <wavecomputer360@gmx.de> wrote:

> Sorry for bothering you with things already
> discussed. I´m thinking of buying one of the
> reissues and I would like to know whether the 16SD
> is an active or a passive looper. I mean by
> "passive" that the looper can be connected to a
> group or aux out on the console and will loop
> continously once the loop length has been determined
> (like the Jamman or the EDP do in Delay mode). By
> "active" I mean a device that needs to be instructed
> any time I want it to record or overdub a previously
> defined loop (like the Repeater, the DL-4 loop
> recorder function or the Boss RC-20 do). I prefer
> having passive loop devices around that allow me to
> spontaneously run stuff into them for creating
> random loops, I don´t really need phrase samplers.
> Is the 16SD just another phrase sampler with some
> added bells and whistles, or is it also usable like
> an EDP in delay mode?
> TIA,
> Stephen.
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