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Re: EH 16 Second Delay question

--- Legion <legion@helpwantedproductions.com> wrote:
> The new 16 sets the time of the loop based on slider
> position not when you
> step on/off on the pedal. As a result if you don't
> get the loop *just*
> right you will NOT get a continuous clean loop but
> rather a loop with some
> spillover from the next or previous measure. You
> have two blinking lights
> to indicate when this is coming up. Technically
> there is a click track but
> it is inaudible and I find it absolutely useless.

Good point and I too find the click track virtually

Prospective buyers of any looper device need to
evalutate the device based on their musical needs.  I
find the EH16 is a step up from my DL4 as an
instrument for use with our free-improv oriented trio.
 The EH16, for the $400+shipping I paid for it, works
fine enough for this purpose - a more expensive device
would have been overkill.


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