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Raxxess Converta Rack vs. ???

I'm still looking for a solution for transporting my
gear to/from jam sessions and gigs.  As some may
recall, I looked into pedalboards, but a pedalboard
doesn't take my Emu XL7 into account.  

Lately, I've been looking at the Raxxess Converta


With the rack ears option, I could have my XL7
rackmounted yet still accessible for desktop-like
operation - which I prefer for operating its drum pads
- by means of the topside folding feature of the
Converta Rack.  I could also rackmount my MOTU 828MkII
audio interface and the 8x8 MIDI interface that I
intend to acquire soon to replace my 2x2 MIDI
interface.  Then the remaining space could be used for
a drawer or shelf to hold my EH16 and Nord
Micromodular.  Maybe even my laptop (which I keep in
its own padded sleeve).  

Anybody use one of these or can recommend a competing
product (remember, I like the folding top for my XL7)?


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