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Re: EH 16-sec reissue - worth getting...?

> I have a stack of looping tools (JamMan, RDS8000, DL4) but would love 
> to know whether anyone out there has been using the EH16sec and thinks 
> it's essential!

not me.

> Is it really so brilliant? What can it do better than my current stack 
> of stuff - the things that interest me are the ability to slow down 
> loops, changing their pitch. Can the new box do that?

The new EH16 can do that in spades. It's forte is messing with loops in
realtime shifting pitch, time, basically decontructing things and messing
with the original loop mangling it beyond recognition.

My beef (which has been covered before) is you are a slave to the pedal in
timing. The pedal requires you to set a specific length and then play the
loop starting and stopping accorind to the setting. You cannot simply
<step on> and start the loop and the <step on> and stop it. This is not
only non intuitive but has made the pedal excruciating for me to use. To
"help" you know when to start stop your playing there is a series of tiny
blinking lights and an inaudible "click" that doesn't even have a
separate out (like in the original) so you at least run that to
headphones or a mixer and make it usable. 

I almost regret buying it at this point. It certainly is NOT essential by
any means. It's only salvation that I can se if using it via midi and
having a drum machine be the click track so you can at leave HEAR that. It
still is ass backwards making the player slave to the tool rather than
allowing one to freely play and catch what you want on the fly. Truly an 
idiotic move on the part of EH IMO.

I do enjoying having it run amok as a delay and creating freaknoise but
there are cheaper delays that are much more friendly. As a looper it's
failed for me and I still use my simple DL4 which easily does loop,
reverse, and 1/2 time and lets me PLAY and create.

I'm sure others have different opinions and with some practice you might
get used to it's ways. The timing thing is such a deal breaker for me I
just want to warn any other improve and free form artists to seriously
consider and try it out in person first. I bought into the hype and
marketing (plus I had been wanting one for 20 years) and the bottom line
is this is NOT a reissue at all but a very new product that does different
things. YMMV.

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