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RE: EH 16-sec reissue - worth getting...?

On Wed, 2 Feb 2005 goddard.duncan@mtvne.com wrote:

> >>you are a slave to the pedal in timing. The pedal requires you to set
a specific length and then play the loop starting and stopping accorind
to the setting. [snip] I do enjoying having it run amok as a delay and
creating freaknoise but there are cheaper delays that are much more
> in other words, your mileage may vary. 

yes, As I stated :)

Just to clairfy my point:
> it doesn't slave to any other clock /but then/ neither did anything
else before midi came along. 

Never wanted it to slave to a clock. I wanted it to slave to ME and my
playing; not the other way around.

> it doesn't have tap-tempo /but then/ neither did anything else until
quite recently.

Again, tap tempo is not my issue. The original pedal worked by a simple
<on> you play <off> you stop and the pedal starts looping. this IS how the
EPD, DL4, and everything from the Digitech PSD2002 to the Boss DD3 have
always worked. it's the easiest and most intuitive way to loop. IMO of

Why THAT particular feature was changed in the "reissue" 16 Delay I guess
we'll never know. But it is a significant change which drastically alters
how the pedal performs and how it can be used fomr the original pedal.

> it has a daft amount of permanent storage & no way of subdividing this
so that you can save loops & dredge them up again later..... /but then/
at least it saves the last thing you did.

Yes. personally I don't care about 4 minutes of loop time. I'll tke a
useable 30 seconds any day. The saving is nice but I honestly never use
it. It would be good for recording however.

> it goes forwards & backwards & you can vary the pitch & tempo
independently or together.

That is fun. Once you get what you want IN it of course.

>  there is definitely a gonzo element to this box which the dl4 never
quite had, for me, excellent though it is.

The DL4 is a vanilla looper. The EH 16 Mk II is a noise box. I was kind of
hoping for a combination of the two. If the EH allowed me to tell it when
to start/stop it would be my favorite loop box bar none. I am going to try
the midi sync sometime soon. that might greatly help me find a place for
this in my setup even if it does force me to bring more equipment. I *am*
an experimentor after all :)

> but anyway, I noticed that the main board has space for a 
"midi-in" socket, clearly marked, next to the out that's already
there. what where they thinking?

I ask that question a lot when I look at this pedal :)

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