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Nels Cline redux

Title: Nels Cline redux
Dan S writ:
I saw Nels play with Mike Watt and Steven Perkins (they called the group Banyan Tree) at Knitting Factory LA in 2001‹smokin¹. I talked with Nels a bit after the show and you¹re right, he¹s a great guy‹very approachable. And an unbelievable player.
Whew. It¹s a good life.

i saw <BANYAN> here in sanfransiski last month<<HOTT>>-always try to catch Nels in any combo he's workin in-What A Monster Guitarrorist-i try talkin to him each time--we talk EH16DDL--havent heard what his thoughts on the "reissue" are yet--would love to hear tho cause i'm pretty sure he would say something like 'he has no use for this new box-not really a reissue...' what he does best w/ the old one is just capture guitar phrases and scramble, mutilate, mutate and make it sound cool...something that new fangled EH box don't really do.
(great new <BANYAN> live in the studio on Sanctuary 'live @ perkins place' w/ the Great  Mike Watt!)