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EH 16 second MKII questions

So I finally broke down (plus I couldn't find my DL4) and dragged out the
EH16 reissue from it's box last night as I needed to rehearse live loops
for an upcoming show. 

While I still find the fact that the unit itself must be the master of
the tempo (which I find infuriating) I gave up on the click entirely and
hooked up my trusty Korg ER1 and lo and behold after a few tries I was
able to USE the damn thing. 

A few quick questions for those that use this pedal regularly:

1. Is there any way to delete the current loop without setting feedback to
zero and hitting record for a measure? 

2. I stumbled on some bypass/play system that still sent midi clock out to
the drum machine and had it running but made the EH16 itself silent. I
tried it a few different ways after and didn't get it again, what's the
magic button push to do this. How do you then STOP everything is that's
what you want?

3. I didn't play with the delay portion last night but I rmemeber that was
the main things I found cool about this. Using the Sweep and Depth in
looping mode was kind of dissappointing (I can get warbles any number of
ways). Am I missing some secret that makes that ultra cool? 

4. I would really like the reverse function on a button but looking at the
additional footcontrol there doesn't seem to be that much there that is
interesting and the layout seems a bit goofy so I'm not dying to buy the
FC just for that. 

Truth be told  I'm still smarting from the fact that these are now $300
NEW and when they came out there was all the hype that is was a "limited
edition" and list was over $700 with people paying that. I'll get over my
bitterness on that but I still dont' really want to shell out $120 for an
empty box with switches I don't need. Has anyone made a simple foot
controller for this? Is there a simple way to get the reverse function
only on a speparate pedal?

Any help appreciated.


PS: For those in Phila area I'll be playing a new show June 18th as a duo
(Synth guitar/Acoustic Violin). Check out my website or email for details.

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