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Re: Which looper?

That's really a tough one.  My advice to you is to
start reading through the archives and check out the
tools of the trade page on the LD website.

I personally have owned a Gibson Echoplex, Electrix
Repeater, Lexicon JamMan, Boss Gigadelay and a EH-16
reissue.  The only two I've hung on to are the
Gigadelay and the Repeater.

(btw, the word on the street is the Repeater will be
shipping again soon in a new version and it's about
the same price as the EH-16)

Other than that there's the Echoplex which is also an
amazing tool, but expensive and not my style.


--- John Schur <jschur@adelphia.net> wrote:

> Hi All
>      New to the list and thinking about joining the
> looper ranks.   
> I've researched several units including the Boss
> Loop Station, the  
> DigiTech JamMan, and the Electro Harmonix 16 Sec.
> Delay.  I haven't  
> played any device so I'm open to any suggestions or
> advive.  My  
> intended use is strictly home studio; no live
> performance; mostly  
> guitar, maybe some synth; no vocals.  Thanks for any
> advice,
> Regards
> John