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old skool dude kicked into 21st century: listened to downloaded music...(ted/grob/andre)

well, i was at a friends the other day and decided to try the
downloading music thing and was actually able to download and
burn it to a disc (i felt so proud of myself)....since we don't have a computer
and i doubt i'll own an ipod or similar, it seemed like a step for me....
listened to:
ted killians live set from the y2k5 santa cruz loop fest (ted it was great to
hear you live-recorded live at least- and thanks to kripsen h. for recording the
set(s) and making them available. i may try to listen to other stuff if/when i have
listend to some snippets of m. grobs stuff (very enjoyable!)
and some snippets of andre lafosse's stuff he has on his web page-interesting to hear the early developments of his work before the 'normalized' cd of stuff...
thought i'd share....
other note:
a week or so i thought michael k (nemoguitar) said that he wasn't recording as of late, i can relate in a way, seems like all my recording equipment broke down....so it was 3-4 weeks before i got stuff up and running, and will say that when i started recording again a week ago, felt like i'd lost all my looping chops,etc...definately was in a different mindset when i wasn't recording and just playing etc......
also still debating my setup of minimal vs maximal--the never ending debate....
end of my overshare for the day....

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