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RE: boss (WAS vintage eh16)

Title: RE: boss (WAS vintage eh16)
Duncan, I concur on the RPS-10. Mine makes very meaty reverse sounds... the timbre is rich and much less "twee" than my Boss PS pedal, though I must give my VF-1 credit for copping the RPS's vibe in the "Reverse" preset.
On "Elemental Guitar" you can see one clearly in MIller's rig. He was still using it, last time I asked him!
~Tim Mungenast
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a mere two weeks later..... & in the course of sorting out some junk/old gear, I found these two boxes again. both working, too: the RPD-10 panning delay & the RPS-10 pitch shifter, both part of boss' mid-late 80s 1/2 rack effects series.

the RPD-10 has been modified- I don't remember exactly what I did, but I have slowed the master clock speed down so that the longest delay time is almost 5 seconds instead of 2. obviously, there are some artefacts, aliasing & so forth, but the boss' own filter takes care of the worst of it.

the best part is that the footswitch socket on the back does indeed freeze the contents of the memory, & you can operate the footswitch to overdub stuff or erase it, depending where the feedback knob is. also, the unit has a number of fixed ranges for the delay, & you can switch amongst these to change the duration of the section being repeated without destroying the bit you can't hear.

I don't (yet) know what the output is like in stereo while it's doing this. as I recall, the "panning" part worked like a tapped delay, but I don't know what it does with frozen/looping audio.

anyway, I think the RPD-10 should be added to the list of looping tools. the maximum stock delay is 2 seconds.
they can probably be had quite cheaply now. there's no tap-tempo or midi on these things, but for solo or glitchy work it would be fine.

short loops, mind......

so I tried the same stuff with the RPS-10 (the pitch-shifter/delay) but I couldn't get the footswitch to do anything. it sounds fantastic anyway- I'd forgotten how good it was for whacky feedback noises..... but I can't make it into a looper. hmm......

the boss RDD-10, which I didn't buy, only goes up to 400mS delay, but has an LFO for delay-modulation, meaning it can serve as a chorus or a wobbly echo. presumably, way back when, I bought the RPD-10 on the basis of the longer delay times, & the RPS-10 because I wanted to pitch-shift something.


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>>and the wonderful Boss RPS-10....<<

the half-rack pitch shifter? I can't remember if it was this or the similar RPD-10 (a panning delay) that, if you turned it around, had a mysterious "hold" footswitch socket in the back. which ever one it was, I have it somewhere, & have modified it to run a bit slower/grungier. I gigged it a couple of times before we got the second jam-man, & the frozen audio was glitch-tastic.

must dig the bugger out again & see if it still wants to play.



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