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Re: Snap, Crackle, Pop - VST Effect & Sound Card Problems

I think you'll be happy with the MAudio.  I've heard nothing but good things about them from an aquaintance who owns one.  Good luck.


On 5/31/06, Krispen Hartung <khartung@cableone.net> wrote:
Well, the whole notebook effect/looping thing certainly is certainly a pain
in the ass, at least for me.  And it just astounds me how flooded the
internet is with web sites, forums, user groups, etc, etc...all devoted to
fixing problems with computers.  It is no wonder they have problems, given
that they are designed to address so many business and user cases/needs.
When you buy a Looperlative, EDP, Repeater, or even a Muse Receptor, they
are (all things being equal and exceptions noted) designed to do one thing,
and do it well. They aren't designed to balance your checkbook, write
documents and email, build web pages, connect to other computers, etc, etc,
basically everything in the business kitchen sink that will increase human

That being said, I am attracted to notebooks like a moth to a flame, and I
am compelled to make this system work, regardless of how much it pisses me
off, frustrates me, or makes me want to throw my notebook out the window or
run it over with my car. And, I have finally made it work, nearly to where
it was before when it was working "perfectly" (relatively speaking).

I fell victim to the converse of the age old maxim, "if it ain't broke,
don't fix it". I tinkered and paid the price. Now that I have my ThinkPad
system working as a standalone effect/looping system, I plan to keep it that
way and not be tempted to keep changing things...except for this M-audio
interface...wish me luck that this doesn't start the troubleshooting process
all over again.


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> Oh Kris i hears u, this is why i wont buy into the
> laptop do it all hype, i am having a problem as well
> with a second PC i just bought,i installed windows
> fresh did wind update installed antivirus and transfer
> all my plugins and audio stuff to it.I installed a new
> anti virus program which is supposed to be better than
> norton called Avira which is also installed in my old
> PC and the thing is after my plugins like crazy it
> keep popping saying all exe, files are infected with a
> w32Wootbot worm then i get a message saying
> vschost.exe is also infected etc. no problem with my
> old computer everyhing runs perfect with the same
> programs!
> i hate wasting time with this shit really and i think
> i will avoid doing music live with computers at all!
> Luis
> --- Krispen Hartung <khartung@cableone.net> wrote:
>> Well, I couldn't resist, and I continued to
>> troubleshoot. I think I
>> discovered the source of the issue, now I need some
>> advice....good luck.
>> First, on my new notebook, I completely reformatted
>> the drive and
>> reinstalled the OS.  You know what? Yes, the
>> crackling and popping came
>> back!  Unbelievable. So, one might conclude that by
>> process of elimination
>> that the problem is either with the IO sound card or
>> the notebook hardware.
>> Right? I mean, it's a brand new OS with a brand new
>> registry, etc, and I
>> completely reinstalled everything.
>> It gets better....or worse, depending on how you
>> view it.
>> As a test, I copied the VST effects from my new
>> computer to my old computer,
>> which also works perfectly....and I saw the same
>> message that I got when I
>> was setting up my new computer while Chainer scanned
>> through my VST effects
>> foler. The message is from all of the Reaktor VST
>> effects, like Metaphysical
>> and Krypt....as they are loading up into the VST
>> host, a window says cannot
>> change samplerate to 44100 so it must change to
>> 48000.  Once the VST effects
>> loaded up in Chainer, I activated a few and the
>> blasted snapping and
>> crackling started occuring on my old computer!!!!  I
>> am blown away. Now I
>> have two computers that are useless for performing,
>> and reinstalling the OS
>> won't fix the problem, nor will uninstalling Reaktor
>> and re-installing, or
>> any of my programs.
>> What the hell is going on here? What is Reaktor
>> doing to my system? If that
>> is the cause. After the windows pop up with the
>> samplerate message, I notice
>> that Chainer is set to 48000 and 44100 doesn't even
>> appear as an option any
>> more. Amazing...
>> Kris
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