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Re: Snap, Crackle, Pop - VST Effect & Sound Card Problems

I don't know if Max/MSP will address my issues now, Jeff.  I realize it is 
very robust system, and probably the best approach to use if you are using 
primarily Cycling 74 effects (less contention issues between different 
effect/host manufacturers).   Right now my needs for a host are very 
All I need is the ability to activate and deactivate VST effects, and run 
Mobius, and do so without crashing or major latency. I can do that now 
Chainer and EnergyXT.  The issues I had with my notebook, I believe now, 
were unrelated to the VST host, but regarding sound card settings, host 
settings, other audio software settings...and all not working together 

MAX/MSP is still on my wishlist, but $500 is a lot to spend on something 
when my immediate needs are already met. And based on your comment on the 
phone yesterday, I don't know if MAX/MSP will resolve the clicking or 
popping I am hearing on just a few effects, such as a few Hipno effects 
some freebies like Deconstructure, Scuzzphut, etc.  I really don't know 
this is happening with these few effects, espcially when my buffer 
are totally good and processing is not an issue. It is a mystery to me. I 
may ask Cycling 74 about this.


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All this whining and moaning about laptops is getting old. :-)

I'm not going to argue one is better than the other (hw vs laptop).
They both have their strengths. I've used both.

Here is the catch: Computers offer flexiblity, portability and
upgradeability not offered by dedicated hardware. If you want this,
laptops are for you. If you want something that does what it does, and
nothing else, get a hardware based unit.

I've had hardware go down, inclluding my beloved moogerfooger ring mod,
and I've had software glitch....all technology has problems.

I've even had my valves on my trumpet stick at a show before. Broke
strings on my guitar as well. It is all part of the game.

I love my laptop....works great, and has been solid for over two
years......(of course, it is a Mac....)

If you want to make laptop work: Get rid of piecemeal systems and go

There. I've got it out of my system.....


Jeff Kaiser
pfMENTUM.com  AngryVegan.com

On May 31, 2006, at 4:50 PM, L.A. Angulo wrote:

> Oh Kris i hears u, this is why i wont buy into the
> laptop do it all hype, i am having a problem as well
> with a second PC i just bought,i installed windows
> fresh did wind update installed antivirus and transfer
> all my plugins and audio stuff to it.I installed a new
> anti virus program which is supposed to be better than
> norton called Avira which is also installed in my old
> PC and the thing is after my plugins like crazy it
> keep popping saying all exe, files are infected with a
> w32Wootbot worm then i get a message saying
> vschost.exe is also infected etc. no problem with my
> old computer everyhing runs perfect with the same
> programs!
> i hate wasting time with this shit really and i think
> i will avoid doing music live with computers at all!
> Luis
> --- Krispen Hartung <khartung@cableone.net> wrote:
>> Well, I couldn't resist, and I continued to
>> troubleshoot. I think I
>> discovered the source of the issue, now I need some
>> advice....good luck.
>> First, on my new notebook, I completely reformatted
>> the drive and
>> reinstalled the OS.  You know what? Yes, the
>> crackling and popping came
>> back!  Unbelievable. So, one might conclude that by
>> process of elimination
>> that the problem is either with the IO sound card or
>> the notebook hardware.
>> Right? I mean, it's a brand new OS with a brand new
>> registry, etc, and I
>> completely reinstalled everything.
>> It gets better....or worse, depending on how you
>> view it.
>> As a test, I copied the VST effects from my new
>> computer to my old computer,
>> which also works perfectly....and I saw the same
>> message that I got when I
>> was setting up my new computer while Chainer scanned
>> through my VST effects
>> foler. The message is from all of the Reaktor VST
>> effects, like Metaphysical
>> and Krypt....as they are loading up into the VST
>> host, a window says cannot
>> change samplerate to 44100 so it must change to
>> 48000.  Once the VST effects
>> loaded up in Chainer, I activated a few and the
>> blasted snapping and
>> crackling started occuring on my old computer!!!!  I
>> am blown away. Now I
>> have two computers that are useless for performing,
>> and reinstalling the OS
>> won't fix the problem, nor will uninstalling Reaktor
>> and re-installing, or
>> any of my programs.
>> What the hell is going on here? What is Reaktor
>> doing to my system? If that
>> is the cause. After the windows pop up with the
>> samplerate message, I notice
>> that Chainer is set to 48000 and 44100 doesn't even
>> appear as an option any
>> more. Amazing...
>> Kris
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