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Vedr. Re: Mac v.s Pc

Hi !
Thanks for your answer. I have seen that MOTU 828 has done greate on tests in Norwegian magazines.
If I was to go for a powerful laptop, are the intel Macs the latest, and best thing ?
Since I am used to my pc-labtops build in sound, will there be a a big difference if a buy interface and mac ?
Rune F. 

mark sottilaro <zerocrossing2001@yahoo.com> skrev:
When I set out to build a system I went with a dual 1
gighz G4 and I went totally MOTU with a microexpress,
828 and Digital Performer (now up to v5)

I've been consistantly happy with it. It's stable for
the most part (don't try and close a project without
saving!) and quick to work in once you know it's
ins-and outs. The time from purchase to recording was
very quick and I've never spend an evening
troubleshooting some odd program. It just seems to
consistantly work.

Is it better than a PC? Hard to say as I've yet to
try using a XP box for music (but it's on it's way...)

I work with PCs and Macs doing Graphic design and I'm
still of the mind that the Mac OS is just better
designed. Perhaps it's just that I know it better,
but I often feel like things that are easy on a mac
are often complicated troubleshooting fests on XP
systems. I remember spending hours trying to get a
midi interface to work using a girlfriends Win98
laptop and it never ended up happening. Luckily XP
seems to have come a long way toward their promise of
"Plug n' Play."

I think at this point it comes down to "what software
do I want to use?" If the answer is "Logic" or
"Digital Performer" than the answer is a Mac. If it's
FL Studio 6 than you're on the way to a Win-tel box.

Recently I ordered a Win-tel laptop because of 2
reasons. Reason number one was I was able to save a
little cash. Reason number two was I'm interested in
playing around with Mobius and it's PC only. The
other app I'm interested in is Reaktor and they're
months away from a Mac-tel compatable version and it
seemed silly to have to sink money into a second OS
for a Macbook. They're cute and nicely priced, but
I'd rather have a bigger screen and video card.

Who knows, in a month I may be cursing the day I
ordered it. My guess is that with my tinkering nature
I'll probably get it working. Per's inspired me to
give it a try anyway.


--- Per Boysen wrote:

> On 2 jun 2006, at 17.32, rune fagereng wrote:
> > Until now I have used pc and m-audio workstation,
> but I consider to
> > buy me a Mac. In this jungel of information, can
> someone give me
> > advise on what to buy so that I have a complete
> system for making
> > music. What Mac, interface and sound-card ?
> Check the archives, there have been lots of posts on
> this. It's just
> impossible to answer when you do not spell out your
> preferences and
> ambitions for the system. It's like if someone ask
> you "I want to go
> to another city, which cars should I buy" ;-)
> Greetings from Sweden
> Per Boysen
> www.boysen.se (Swedish)
> www.looproom.com (international)
> http://tinyurl.com/fauvm (podcast)

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