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Re: RC-50: Multiply feature? (overdubbing w/ different lengths)

I think page 59 of the manual addresses this feature. If tempo sync is ON for phrase 1 but loop synch is OFF and the guide is ON (at whatever volume other than off), you can record 2 bars on phrase 1, 4 bars on phrase 2, 1 bar on phrase 3, etc. I think you might need to have Loop Quantize on for this function, but I won't be able to tell until next Thursday! Anyway, if any one else has a different interpretation of the manual p. 59, i'd like to hear it, as this is an important feature for me as well.
If you're talking about having the same loop, say, a rhythm loop, on one phrase for two bars, on another for four, etc...then I would say you would either have to play it manually, use another looper, or a mixer and a complicated send/return scheme.
on the subject of time comp/expansion, is boss/roland just really bad with this in general? the dr. sample (303) i have is terrible with tempo changes more than maybe 1 bpm. the original loop station is awful with it too. I don't think it's that important for what I do but it's limiting.