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Re: boss rc50 or EH 2880?

>Sounds like you would be happy with an Electrix Repeater

I will know what is an electrix repeater right now .

>or several EH2880 synched by MIDI.

Why several ?
I thought that with only one its enough . I am reading just know the 
2880 manual in PDF . When I finish I will be able to discuss this .
The function on the RC50 that allows you to upload your preferred 
loop and use it as a click its great . I hope I understood well . I 
am reading .
Thanks a lot .

>The repeater allws you to multiply the length a phrase and then 
>overdub on a track which is the total length of the multiplied loop.

sounds interesting  . I did it with ableton LIve . Some loops 8 bars 
, some  2 bars , some 4 . its great this function . I also thought 
that it was possible with rc 50 and 2880 .
thanks again

>>I want to buy the best machine possible .
>>I need help - please .
>>I want to do percussion loops while listening to a click .
>>I want the "maybe-imprecission" of my foot-tap  does not affect the 
>>start and end of the loop/loops ( quantize my tap into the nearest 
>>beginning of bar)
>>I want to do  overdubs with different lenghts of bars
>>I want to control the volume of every loop I add .
>>I want to record a lot of overdubs ( 16 minimum)
>>I would like to have the possibility of control reverb of each loop 
>>, I dont know if this is possible .
>>Which machines do that ?
>>I really appreciatte help .
>>I am in a hurry . I am starting to plan  my solo show .
>>I did all the things I mentioned before with Live ableton and a guy 
>>controlling it in one of my last shows . But now I want/need to do 
>>it alone.