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Re: Gear photos (was: Looping shoes)

oh wow :)


On 6/4/06, Tim Nelson <psychle62@yahoo.com> wrote:
> --- Charlie Milkey <pilotcp@gmail.com> wrote:
> > you mean to say that you have a bigger setup?
> > now that i've got to see ;)
> This setup actually rolls in in one trip from the car!
> There are a couple of pics of an earlier version
> (2001-2003) of the bigger setup inside the page's
> 'pics' section. The rig I was using right *before*
> that one (affectionately known as the
> missioncontrolherniamaker, 1998-2001) was absurdly
> huge, featuring a double-width rack that had a mono
> synth next to a 12 channel mixer on the top and a
> pull-out drawer for the poly synth in the middle under
> six spaces (3 x 2), power amps on the bottom, interior
> lighting and the all-important bottle opener on the
> side. I had a larger vehicle at the time; apart from
> needing two people to lift it in and out of the truck,
> it was an amazingly quick setup because everything in
> the rack stayed wired, and the whole thing was on
> wheels. The cover lifted off and became the stand for
> the rack, and the pedalboard and rack were connected
> by one color-coded snake. Five minute setup, often
> less. Stairs presented a bit of a problem, though... I
> have some pics of it somewhere...
> My bigger setup now is manageable (a 10 over 8 and a
> 7-space, with essentially the same pedalboard as the
> mid-sized rig), although a lot of its components are
> currently in the medium rig, so it's definitely not
> pret a porter. Also, being in separate racks, there's
> a lot more hook-up time...
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