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Live Clip from Last Night

I played an at an interesting event last night, at McCall, Idaho (USA). It 
is a hip little, high mountain resort town with a big lake next to it, 
My percussionist friend, Jared Hallock, coordinated a percussion-based 
with marimba, various percussion instruments, some found sound percussion, 
an avant-garde bassoon performance (from one of his music professors), 
including some acting from the local theater group integrated into the 
performances. I played a short set, and also played background music for 
of the acting performances.

Here is my short set, on acoustic guitar, and my stand-alone notebook 
looping system. Unfortunately, I recorded it in mono by accident, so I 
all my cool stereo imaging (damn!!!)...but I was able to add a simulated 
stereo effect when I mastered the file today.



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