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Re: UPDATE: Boise Experimental Music Festival / Dominated by Loopers?

Hi Kris,

I heard all about the Boise Experimental Music Festival from the  
Loopers-Delight list. Checked out some of the performances as well.  
Great festival.

I was wondering if it would be possible to play there next year? I  
have a duet with a vocalist that is very experimental. Utilizes my  
computer software which does some looping, granular synthesis and  
other goodies while she creates some of the most unbelievable  
extended vocal sounds. Be happy to send you a CD of what we do if you  
are interested.

My bio and software (created in Max/MSP) can be found at http:// 

My sister is a prof at U-Idaho so it would be great to visit her and  
combine it with some playing.