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RE: Mac v.s Pc

Title: RE: Mac v.s Pc

>>I'd like to join Marks Police Department on this issue!  ;-))<<

eek! what have I started?

I'm so glad I didn't mention my disappointment with sony over the vaio & how they backed down on writing their own a/v-biased o/s in favour of micro$oft, so that they could do some content-related deal instead..... 'nother story.

no, I stand by my contention that there is a significant mark-up (here, in london, this is) on the macbook over the nearest "equivalent" pc laptop.

I suspect the mac of being aimed at a slightly different, rather middle-class media-twat, demographic in london- they have a huge retail outlet in regent street. well, by regent street standards it's huge. anyway, part of the cost of the new macs is surely going on west-end business rates, & part of it is the sort of mark-up that all trendy new products have as part of their lifecycle.

it does rock, though, even though the 30 second boot-up is a con (desktop's there, yes, but most of the hardware is still waking up a minute later)

I bought mine through work, so I haven't felt the true cost yet. the true benefit is that I can treat it as mac or pc, which is why I didn't just go & buy another tecra instead.

besides, have you seen a pc laptop (any make) that's as nicely built as the macs?
[ducks again]



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