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RE: Mac v.s Pc

I've always been a PC user (since 8086/8088 processors), but as I need to 
pick a laptop, I was looking to a macbook... I'm a bit confused on one 
thing. Has the macbook any pcmcia slot? I need to put on it a firewire 800 
soundcard (the rme one) to record when I'm not in my studio. The only 
reason for me to go macbook pro against macbook would really be the 
firewire 800, since I don't care about radeon x1600 or other things like 
those... As far as for the 13 against the 15,4 monitor for me is really 
not relevant, since I do my edits on a 19" samsung lcd monitor, and 400 
€ of difference for a firewire 800 card seem to me to be too much.
As far as the overall cost, there are various "Brand" notebooks that cost 
almost half the price for almost the same laptop. (I've seen a Toshiba 
intel core duo, 80 gb hdd, x1600 (256mb) videocard, 1gb ddr2 15,4 monitor 
at the price of the macbook(not the pro), and it works great, only I have 
the need to use some mac and some pc programs together, so the macbook is 
the only way to go...


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Per Boysen wrote:

> It's easy to regard them "equal" but a thorough comparison will give  
> that truly equal laptops will go for the roughly the same price no  
> matter if the were made by Apple or some other PC contractor  
> manufactory. But the MacBook Pro is the extreme Top Of The Line right  
> now. I think I would go the much cheaper white MacBook if I should  buy 
> a laptop today. But my ZEPTO (who the hell comes up with all  these ugly 
> pc brand names???) will hopefully still be going strong  with Windows XP 
> for another three to four years.
> Greetings from Sweden
> Per Boysen
> www.boysen.se (Swedish)
> www.looproom.com (international)
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I'd certainly agree with your Macbook comment, given that I bought one a 
couple weeks ago.  So far, based on a very small amount of use, it seems 
to run Logic and Augustus Loop just fine. I was set to by a Macbook Pro, 
but the only advantages are better graphics performance and the fact 
that you can't build-to-order a 7200rpm drive on the Macbook.  Over 
time, I may eventually find the small screen maddening if I try to use 
it much with Logic and/or DP, but so far the only unpleasantness has 
been the smell of slow-cooking thigh-meat that occurs after fifteen 
minutes or so of hard use. It's probably most accurately described as a 

And--ZEPTO?  Isn't that some kind of archaic cigarette lighter?

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