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Is it Ableton Live - or is it me?


If I understand it right what you want to do, it seems to be an issue that
our own Rick Walker has carried to Ableton more than once...to no avail. If
you want to record something in Live, you have to set a tempo first.
Workaround: use a looping plugin in Live.

Frankly, this hasn't been an issue for me because I use Mobius for all the
"classical" looping stuff - Live works both as a host for me and as a
sample/MIDI clip recorder in its own right. But if I want to record
something, it's arming that track (which I do using my BCR2000), selecting
the scene (using two switches on my FCB1010) as you suggested, and then
pressing "play" on the respective track (which takes up one switch per 
- spanning two banks of my FCB1010).

And then Jushua Carroll asked:
"Is anyone here actually using Mobius with Live?"

As Per already pointed out, some of us do - one of them is me.

My current setup: half the tracks of Mobius are fed to one channel of Live
each. There are different Quantize and Sync setups for the Mobius track
pairs (combinations of No Quantize, No Sync and Quantize to Cycle, Sync to
Host Beat). Each of the Live channels for Mobius has its dedicated channel
strip containing EQ3, CompressorI, MadShifta, Scrubby and SupaTrigga.

There's one MIDI track which routes the input from my FCB1010 (of which
three banks are dedicated to control Mobius; the bank layout is like: 0 -
tap tempo, metronome, scene up/down etc., 1,2 - start clip, 3,4 - stop 
5-7 - Mobius, 8 - Mobius main functions combined with EXP assignment for
Amplitube, 9 - Amplitube).

I use Mobius for all the more advanced looping things (meaning tracks where
I want to be out of sync with the beat, overdub, reverse, insert or 
cool possibilities there are) and Live for everything "record it and then
let it play without messing with it" (except for any plugins on the track
which mess with it), and of course for everything MIDI.