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RE: MySpace Controversy

I, for one, would be delighted if MySpace (or anyone) created a worldwide
hit from one of my pieces, even if I never saw a cent of the revenues (as
long as I was properly credited).

Steve's totally right about the "contract" (I put it in quotes, because 
has, in my totally-uninformed opinion, about the same likelihood of
surviving a court test as a shrink-wrap copyright agreement) - it's 
a CYA agreement that lets them try and expose your music to a wider 
without checking back with you every time. The fact that you can terminate
at will means that they can't do anything with it that can't be undone in a

I can't see getting worked up over the possibility of them somehow cutting
into the profits from my $22 of annual CD sales.... 

Best wishes,
Warren Sirota