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RE: income (was MySpace Controversy)

Title: RE: income (was MySpace Controversy)

>>Just to get this into perspective for me: you were joking with these $22,
right? What is the actual profit you make per year? Anybody else wants to
share his experiences? (private mail, if you don't want these figures to
appear in public for some reason...)<<

a few hundred bucks tops. not enough to give up the day job, but enough so we don't get disastrously out-of-pocket when we have to travel a long way to play somewhere, & want a motel room each because we're old farts. :-)

& that's with 26 titles on sale...... in my experience, max sales are at gigs, so ply someone (preferably attached to the band somehow- g/f or some sort of ligger) to sit at a table near the door & shift stock. my g/f, a musician herself, couldn't believe our sales at one gig, & didn't have anything to do after the interval because the stock was all gone. but these occasions are few & seldom.



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