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Re: laptop audio I/O hardware

> If you had never manually changed your
> buffer size, then my belief is that the MOTU install lowered your
> buffer size without you knowing it.  This then wouldn't be a fair
> comparison.  You would have to return to the M-Audio with the new
> lower buffer size and see if it works without clicks.  If it does then
> the latencies are effectively the same.

The buffers are set in the DSP options of the application itself. They 
remained the same.

Could the driver itself change the CPU load? Would that affect latency? 
(I.e., a poorly written driver vs. a well written driver could make a 

> If you are claiming that the buffer sizes were the same and you can
> detect the minute differences between the digital/analog converters,
> well congratulations because you're one of the very few people
> on the planet that can do that.  :-)

dude. Flattery will get you everywhere with me! :-)

rock on,