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Re: New RC-50 Delema

In a message dated 6/8/06 7:11:54 AM, sean@seanmormelo.com writes:

So...The damn thing time compresses/expands my
original loop to whatever the tempo of the patch happens to be set at...and
we all know what it sounds like when that happens...GARBLE GARBLE GARBLE.

yes i've found that as well, and i wonder if that contributes to the latency/tracking(?) issues as well.....the need to play through the origianl phrase.  frankly i haven't used tempo functions with my looping....maybe i should have, but i haven't looked into it because i haven't felt a need to, but sean's issue seems like it would be something that alot of artists would not want to be dealing with.

i think andy might be on to something about roland using something to determine where the loop point should be.  i remember it took some time to really nail the rc20 after using a boomerang, and using the berringer midi pedal with the edp....that's been pretty flawless.  i'm trying to remember if this whole "action" issue was similar with the rc20 and i just plowed through it.

as i've worked with it more i do find i'm a little more adept at "playing through" the phrase in a way that is not too obvious while playing more driving rhythms or motifs.. when doing muted percussive sounds on the strings of a guitar, that's pretty seamless, but where it's driving me to dark thoughts is trying to play fingerpicked chord progressions in slower phrases.  it just jumps at you and makes you want to throw it against the wall.  (so i have issues with frustration toleance : < )

i should mention also, that there have been some recordings where i can hear, not the hiccup, but a rhythmic glitch that DOES  repeat, so in those cases i haven't nailed the phrase, but to me that speaks to the difference in the tracking of these pedals vs. the berringer midi pedal....because i
never make mistakes....(he says dripping with facetiousness)

as far as buzap's concern about whether to cancel their order...the unit does have some cool features, and it is right off the presses, so it's hard to say.  does anyone know of some really in depth reviews from, say, japan that are translated?

i guess with all the hype around this unit, it's frustrating to have it be so strong in some ways but a real pain in a really basic way......so far.