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Re: Transition between phrases on RC-50

Yes you can set the phrases to change at loop end so that if loop 1 is
going, you can press loop 2 and it will blink, then change and transition
perfectly into loop 2. I have most of my stuff set up that way right now.

Sean Mormelo
EPK- www.sonicbids.com/seanmormelo
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Subject: Transition between phrases on RC-50

> I have a question for RC-50 users:
> Let's say you've laid down several phrases in series. When you want to
> transition from phrase 1 to phrase 2 can you cue it up so it makes the
> transition smoothly when phrase 1 ends, or do you have to hit the phrase 
> pedal at just the right moment? I'm thinking of non-midi, non-quantized
> situations where I'm on my own in terms of maintaining a steady tempo,
> is how I like to play.
> Thanks.
> Adrian West
> www.adrianwest.com